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Why clean your chimney?

Creosote. Creosote is the build up of tar deposits within your chimney flue. This is a result from the smoke coming from your wood stove cooling down and condensing within the flue liner.

Depending on the moisture content and species of wood you burn, as well as the type of stove you have, determines how much and what type of creosote your chimney builds.

Creosote does more than just clog your chimney and slow the draft down. It becomes a dangerous fire hazard; putting your house and family in jeopardy.

Chimney cleaning

The different types of creosote and what they indicate

Chimney cleaning

Stage 1 Creosote

There are three stages of creosote that will build up in your chimney. Stage 1,2 and 3. Stage 1 creosote is more or less soot. This is ideally what we like to see when we come to clean your chimney. It is easy to sweep clean from your chimney and indicates that the stove is operating at optimal temperatures and that properly seasoned hardwood is being burnt. It is necessary to remove this from the chimney mainly to eliminate the drag factor it has on the draw.
Stainless steel chimney liners

Stage 2 Creosote

This is the most common type creosote that we see. It is a crunchy type of build up that has the consistency of a stale Cheetos. This form of creosote indicates that the stove has been burning at average efficiency temperatures and the wood that was being burnt was seasoned but not maybe not long enough. Unlike a sooty build up in your chimney, stage 2 creosote is more hazardous due to its flammability (chimney fires!).
Chimney ro-clean

Stage 3 Creosote

This is one of the worst-case scenarios with a chimney. Stage 3 is a very hard and dense type of creosote that has a look of black glass. Stage 3 or "glazed" creosote can be caused from old outdated woodstoves that do not burn efficiently, damping the air supply to the stove too far down and "choking" the stove causing incomplete combustion, as well as burning unseasoned wood. This is also the most dangerous type of creosote. Stage 3 or "glaze" is basically concentrated fuel inside your chimney waiting to catch fire and burn over 2000 degrees. Standard brushes and equipment WILL NOT be able to sweep this type of creosote clean.

What to expect

Here is few things you can expect when we come to clean your chimney

Setup and protection of your home

Your house is your castle and we understand that.  Chimney sweeping can make a big mess if done incorrectly or carelessly.  That's why we take every precaution to protect you home from dust while sweeping your chimney.  Between Hepa vacuum dust collector, sealing thimbles and openings, and laying protective drop cloths around surrounded work area; we have you covered.  But remember, no matter what kind of equipment a sweep has carelessness and inexperience can turn into a bad situation.  So be careful who you hire!


Whether we are called for an inspection or a cleaning we will give you a condition report on the entire chimney, external and internal, as well as any repair recommendation for unsatisfactory conditions.  A standard chimney inspection includes:

  • - Chimney cap/mortar wash
  • - Mortar joints/brick condition
  • - Roof flashing around chimney
  • - Chimney flue/liner system
  • - Smoke chamber/firebox (fireplaces)
  • - Thimble/stovepipe/clean out (furnaces and wood stoves)

Full Chimney System Cleaning

A proper chimney cleaning will have 4 different areas of your chimney to clean. With a fireplace these areas are: chimney cap, chimney flue, smoke chamber and firebox. With a wood stove they are: chimney cap, chimney flue, thimble and stovepipe. We make sure the entire chimney system gets attention, not just the flue. We've come behind other sweeps that offer "great deals" on chimney cleanings, only to find out they didn't fully clean the entire system; and in some cases making a situation more dangerous than before they came. Chimney's cleaning is a serious matter, don't jeopardize a proper sweep to save a few bucks!


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