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Chimney liner repair

Stainless Flexible Liners

One continuous run of corrugated 316ti stainless steel liner.  Liners used for wood burning applications MUST have either: minimum of 1" of UL 17777 listed insulation mix surrounding liner or UL 17777 listed 1/2 inch ceramic foil face blanket wrap.  All stainless steel flex liners we install come with lifetime warranty.
chimney liner installed

Class A Liner Systems

We carry DuraTech Class A liner systems.  Available for installation or you can purchase materials directly from us.  Hundreds of parts and components available.  Contact us for prices, availability or for any other questions.
liner system

Fixing Incorrectly Installed Systems

As much nobody likes to do it, having to correct others work is inevitable.  Re-installation of incorrectly installed liners systems available.  If you suspect an issue with your system don't hesitate to schedule an inspection.

More info on the way

Due to the high amount of incorrectly installed and proposed liner systems we see and hear about, we are trying to find ways to inform homeowners about re-ling codes and guidlines. In the mean time if you have any questions or concerns regarding a quote you recieved from another company please feel free to use or contact form and we will answer anything we can. If you would like an in person consultaion or quote please fill out the work request form.

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