Wood Stoves/Fireplace Inserts/Pellet Stoves

We carry a variety of Napoleon wood stoves and wood stove inserts as well pellet stoves. The price the wood stoves are listed for include delivery and installation. An inspection prior to delivery and installation of wood stoves must be done to make sure the chimney is in sound shape and up to code. Pellet stoves need to vented by a 3" or 4" liner system in order to operate correctly. Package discounts are available when both stove and liner system are installed together.

Fireplace Wood Stove Inserts

Napoleon Oakdale EPI3C


The Napoleon EPI3C is a great stove for the money.  With a built in blower and 18" log capacity, this insert will keep you warm through the winter with a great contemporary appeal.

Napoleon Oakdale EPI3T


Like the EPI3C Napoleon EPI3T, this traditional style bring a great rustic feel to your home with its straight edges and classic cast iron look; while still giving you a comfortable and economical heat source.

Timberwolf EPI22


The Timberwolf EPI22 is a great stove for the money, boasting a wide glass viewing door and dual blower system.  Log size up to 18" in length.

Free Standing Wood Stoves

Napoleon 1400CN


The Napoleon 1400CN is one of the top efficiency burning stove.  Putting out 70,000 BTU's, this stove will give you that cozy wood stove feel throughout your home.  Another great feature is the lift top lid that folds back exposing a cook top surface for pots.

Timberwolf 2300C


Like the EPI22, this Timberwolf 2300C is a straight to the point, for heat woodstove.  Rated to an impressive 3500 sq. ft. heating area, this stove was made to work.  Option blower available to push that core heat out farther and quicker.

Timberwolf 2100C


The Timberwolf 2100C is the little brother of the 2300C.  With a Heating Capacity of up to 1500 sq. ft. this is an excellent choice for smaller houses that don't need all that extra heat, while also saving money with a great price tag.

Pellet Stoves

Napoleon NPS45


The Napoleon NPS45 pellet stove offers an efficient way to heat your home with the comfort of wood heat without the mess of wood.  Boasting 44,000 BTU's rated up to 2,000 sq. ft. (unit comes with black door)

Timberwolf TPS


The Timberwolf TPS is a great free standing pellet stove for me money.  Heating Capacity rated to 2,000 sq. ft. with a 38,250 BTU output.

Timberwolf TPI35


The Timberwolf TPI is the insert version of the TPS with the same heat ratings with a 45 lb. pellet capacity hopper.

Don't see a stove that appeals to you?  Send us an email to see if we have what your looking for.  If not we will point you in the right direction.

How Does It Work?

Schedule an Inspection

Schedule an inspection with us to make sure whatever stove you choose will be compatible with your home and/or fireplace.  Not all stoves will work in every situation, so it's best know for sure that the stove you want will work before hand.  We also need to make sure your chimney is in good working order.  All stoves we sell and install must be done so to code. No exceptions.

Shop Around Online

Shop around online, check out the different Napoleon and Timberwolf stoves and prices.  If you can find a better deal than ours online we'll match it! 

Accept and Pay

When your ready to make the order we'll send you a quote for the stove, delivery and installation; along with the required deposit amount that you can pay for online.  Once you have accepted the quote and pay the deposit we will have your stove on its way.

Delivery and Installation

Delivery and installation typically takes between 10 to 15 days, depending on stove availability and location.  Once we receive your stove we will send you a confirmation email confirming the installation date.

Important Notice Regarding Chimney

All woodstove sales are contingent on being installed to a code compliant chimney. Chimney flues that do not meet the IRC Code regulations must be repaired and brought up to Code standards for any woodstove sales and installation through us.